All changes start from ideas!

What is God?

We all make mistakes, only God doesn't make mistakes.

God is the harmony of nature, the rules which govern the universe.

God is the harmony and the true underlying level of reality each and every part of space-time. For this and not make mistakes. Because the only basis on which everything evolved.

Therefore teleology God does not attempt to do something to make it right or wrong. Just put the background development of the universe.
What is harmony?

Harmony is the deeper principle of nature. Harmony is stand-alone each of us, because we are all derivatives of harmonic processes and balances.

Example of a pleasant odor is harmony and love in both humans and insects, as emerging and transmits at a smooth feeling.

All made with the harmony or disruption. Everything can determine the harmony and directed towards it. The light is so smooth and it attracts our gaze.
The medical treatment is to restore harmony to the body.