What is money and why do we have unemployment and debt?

What is money

As I mentioned in previous pages, the money is an arbitrary concept.

So all the people of the world have agreed that the banknotes could be used in our dealings.

If tomorrow we agree to change the currency, then the first will have no value. So value is the term representing the notes and not the bill itself.

If tomorrow, all people agree that gold has no value and no one wants to buy it, then the value will fall to zero.

But there are some things in human life of value. Things that are necessary for our survival.

Water is a resource that had, has and will have value in our lives. The fresh air too. A good meal. It's things necessary to live.

The roof and love are concepts that make our life more beautiful and will always have value for us.

So there are some things that are really useful and valuable to us and others we did artificial precious, by agreement of the people.

Money is what is in reality?

Is time and material. This is valuable time and materials needed to do. For example a house. Other times it reflects only a year. For example, when we go to the doctor, pay the time allocated to specialize and reach to become a scientist and work to do.

Could the money be immaterial. Be just numbers in computers. This form has now, just most people have not realized.

Money was born to make transactions of people and there are as people. The forms that have money are constantly changing. In ancient gold coins, then dollars, then the euro.

Who should take the money and when?

The money will be generated by the state (government) and shared the citizens. That the state should be the public employer and to print money to pay them. This eliminates unemployment because labor is then as there are people. If there is money to activate it, then there is growth.

For example, in the city are damaged. Printed money and paid people to fix it. In the city there are garbage. Again, printed money and paid people to clean. In the city there is no management of recyclable waste. Printed money and paid people to build waste management. In this way, as there is human need, but there is room for improvement as there are people and will generate new money and trigger man. This way there is growth and many jobs.

In fact they can create countless jobs and solve the problem of unemployment from the face of the earth.

I ask someone: Do thus produced inflation, which started losing money value and to increase product prices?

The answer is no. Inflation is when you increase the salary of the same man for equal work. That is, if we double all wages for the same work they do, then it is reasonable to increase the prices of goods and reduce the real power of money we have.

If we do not increase the salary of that individual, but we pay more people, then it will go up commodity prices because it will change the purchasing power of the individual to be beyond the previous limits.

We have for example two people, a worker and an unemployed. If he gets 1,000 Euro salary of the employee, then it will change the purchasing power if they start working and unemployed, and get 1,000 Euro salary as well. So there is going to rise and prices.

If the worker get a salary increase and overall gets 2,000 EUR, while the unemployed remain without work, then it is likely to increase prices of products because the increased purchasing power of the worker. Then we have inflation.

In conclusion, when there are large disparities in incomes of individuals or when increasing the income of all people, then we have rising inflation, an increase of prices on products.

Also the above shows that the elimination of unemployment does not increase prices.

When all are paid similar salaries, then it increases inflation.

Why is unemployment in our time and why there is no money?

According to the above, it seems paradoxical that there is unemployment and incomprehensible that there is plenty of money to work for everyone. And yet it all comes from the fact that money is not produced by the state (state), but produced by banks.

The banks (European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, Bank of America, Bank of Germany) produce money and then give it to the States. The countries of the world have made the absurd. Have given banks the privilege to have money.

But the bank does not produce money for the good of society! The bank generates money just for profit!

So why take money to work for everyone? There is no reason! Why take money to have growth? There is no reason!

The only thing that matters is the personal profits. And how will we achieve this? Factor less money than needed. So keeping the world ever charged on loans, that is enslaved to it.

Also by the fact that the bank prints money, it means that all states are dependent on banks for their development.

The strategy of profitability for the few, namely banks, oil companies, arms companies, cartels food companies, etc., growing inequality in purchasing power of people. So the rich are increasing inflation and the poor could not follow and buy commodities.

Tragic consequence of all this is the despair of the world and escape the more extreme solutions such as fascist and nationalist parties. Final result so far two world wars and a permanent sense of xenophobia.

Thus it becomes obvious that the situation should be changed to manage the production of money to run democratic government (state), because only it can do with humanity.