All changes start from ideas!

What is the real power of ideas in our lives?

An idea shared by the many people trying to make is likely to change the world. Ideas are the power of human civilization.

The society is a living organism. We are dependent on it, but it depends on us. Our ideas have the power to influence it. Suffice it to fail to express!

Also, we can improve our lives, if we think differently and look at problems from a different perspective.

The discussion and reflection on education, social system, military, democracy, Greece, the economy and other social issues, will help us better understand the society that surrounds us.

The discussion and proposals for self-improvement and self-knowledge will help us improve our lifestyle. It can live happier and achieve our mental balance.

In the society we live in, sometimes feel depressed, perhaps angry about things that do not regulate us, but our influence. We note that many people have common concerns.

The site

The site gives the opportunity to express our ideas and thoughts, to communicate among ourselves and inspire our imaginations. Different and alternative views to help understand more new solutions to everyday problems and we can see social issues from another perspective.

Ideas, thoughts and opinions exist within each of us. Human nature is inherent in producing new ideas. Every moment we breathe spontaneously come to mind new thoughts. Do not hesitate to express them!

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