All changes start from ideas!

Call the health center such and such in the national health system ...

Radio Listen In the year 2008 AD duty service health centers:

2 rural doctors, 1 dentist until 5 pm, 1 specialist doctor (rare), 1 maid, 1 technician for refrigerators and fountains, 1 janitor, 1 ambulance driver (several times), 1 nurse (definitely). 9 people total, but the work and responsibility is placed only in the two rural doctors. The specialist rarely takes responsibility. The nurse passes sera, the driver runs with the ambulance to the hospital. And everyone else is superfluous, just sit and paid.

Yes ladies and gentlemen! How to move forward so I mean to sit! What business has a cleaner, technician, porter, call the dentist? Hoot! Why on duty then? Because a political one rather than a person hired need 3! The result put them on call to cover hours of work and to justify their salary.

The technicians are three in the morning! Again do not work! From the technical only one has finished school. The other two are irrelevant! And do not work! Seeing both sitting, even one who knows the job is not working from hell!

Conclusion: the health center have broken cisterns, refrigerators, water fountains and 3 technicians! Be seated!

We also have 3 cleaners that are not thoroughly cleaned because nobody controls it! The health center is relatively dirty! Again, rather than a traveler paying 3 and there is good work!

A little common sense!

Normally call had to do 4 doctors, of whom one is always awakening. A Guide to First Aid knowledge and a nurse.

The nurses in rural practice eliminating the prescription is unnecessary. Could be transferred to hospitals and to meet the needs there.

And less money to spend if the Greek state was holding the staff really needs and would provide better services and more doctors would be paid.
Also checked with merit written examination for graduates of medical knowledge in emergency situations. If found inadequate to the ground state authorization of the respective medical school.