All changes start from ideas!

The brain operates on levels of thinking.

Has at least 7 levels of thinking.

We understand only that which is on the surface. What are the thoughts we do at that time.

Below is the plane containing the work of the day we have planned. Below is the level of the work week, is below the level of entertainment today. Underneath the fun of the week. Beneath a future obligation. Below, a paragraph that worries us.

We do not see the paragraphs below the surface, but they affect us constantly to availability and our psychology, and give off their stress upwards.

On the assumption that the brain operates with levels of consciousness, evidenced by the fact that often do not remember discussions and a name or title of a film etc ... then continue the conversation on irrelevant issues without thinking about the past. As a glimpse suddenly comes to mind after a while what we thymomastan.

This means that our minds all the time trying to remember, without us being aware of it. Thinking of other things, but the brain worked our request and try to remember to just below the surface.