Can we improve the educational system ?

The education system we eat over the years. The educational system is cumbersome and inhuman! It is unreasonable for a total material 300 pages to do 6 years high school - high school.

Neither is being seated for 6 hours in a chair, silent as avoulo object, and you suck ears teachers to dictate the course.

Can not you just a parrot what you say. As for the tests, promote memorization rather than critical thinking.

The school should not have compulsory attendance and focus on school guidance. Ie every 3 days to go visit a different professional field, so that students can learn about each profession up close.

More reasonable would be clear that to get a certificate of secondary education should have specific knowledge of specific disciplines (specific materials to specific subjects). If someone has this knowledge from the 3rd high school, then get high school diploma in high school. Then have a right to be admitted to the university.

Favored in general are those that bypass the educational system: children who are called geniuses, actually moving out of the education system. We go to school and learn their lessons at home with teachers or their parents.

Of course it is smarter than others! They learn the material needed and try to be admitted to university at 14 or 16. Why not? Children 12 and 14 years old can understand and learn everything. I think we can get medicine at 14 without any problem intelligence.

Also, the richest man in the planet, Bill Gates, dropped Harvard to set up of Microsoft. Understand the signs of the times and saw that they had to leave the educational system to manage!

Also access to higher education should be free. Everyone be introduced into any school he wants. There, however, claims to be like the professional to understand anyone if he can cope in this profession.
The examinations of the university should be geared to the acquisition of basic knowledge that is directly useful and will be requested from the first day you go to work. We should not require memorizing books - directories and request the most improbable and meaningless details.