All changes start from ideas!

Human civilization

If we leave some children in the jungle, where there is human civilization, and assume that it will survive, do not expect any circumstances to develop the culture we are experiencing today.

If you leave a baby in the jungle and assume that survives with the help of monkeys, we believe that it is more like a monkey than a man. It is unlikely to develop in such an environment culture, to discover writing, democracy, human speech!

Therefore it is essential that the right environment for the socialization of people and blowing culture within. Unless society man developed more as a pet. So it is obvious to create culture of the people. It is a feature that we have no capacity.

Human civilization is a constant struggle to convey our culture to younger generations. Each generation must accept the lessons of culture to be followed by civilized society.

Although supposedly a generation of people can not accept any cultural impact of the largest and was not affected at all by our culture, then all our culture has been destroyed. Because it has become standard continuity of culture and should start the new generations from zero again. We see the text and will not be able to read. We see the power plants and will not be able to operate. We see hospitals, courts, and the monuments will not mean anything to them.

The war may change a culture and destroy it. Therefore there should be no wars.