If a country knows how to welcome the immigrants, it will only benefit from them...

Many people wonder if the immigrants eventually benefit or harm a country ...

The answer is that if the country knows how to welcome them, it will only benefit from them!

Thus if an immigrant and come home and find work, has no reason to steal to live. Instead they are poverty stricken, hungry and in a wet bench, it is reasonable to put in our house to warm up!

So the crime of migrants depends on the country's readiness to welcome them.

If you can support them, then there will be more work in this country and more consumption and more contributions will be put into pension funds.

If the host country to provide education and integrate into society, then we have nothing to fear from their behavior. If the culture of the country managed to integrate into society, then society will function properly.

Moreover, the ancient Greeks said that Greek is one who is a Greek education and obviously one who loves Greece. Nowhere states that he is Greek, born in Greece.

In addition I have a question: think of an immigrant who came to Greece, took the Greek culture and loves Greece and feel home and offer the site. Consider now a born in Greece by Greek parents, becomes mayor and steals money from people ten million dollars! I ask, what is more Greek? Who offers more in Greece?

My answer is that this country has had enough of nightmares! It is time to characterize Greek this offering in that country and not the one born to it! The Greek character of the individual to depend only on the supply in the country and not birthright, as are the titles of kings and nobles who reduced democracy.

Thus the risk in a society comes from social groups that are marginalized. These may be the gypsies, might be the heathen Greek citizens. Since there is no risk to occur and separatism and delinquent tendencies.

That is, if we behave as a society badly in Muslim nationals and keep marginalized, giving an opportunity for a foreign country to bring them, make them feel they belong there, and thus express separatism.

The more different is a population, the more closely we have to embrace the society!

I would say that if you extrapolate the above paragraph, we could solve and Makedoniko issue. That is, if we look at the problem without stereotypes, where would that leave?

That a country called Skopia wants to be called Macedonia, which is a  Province of Greece! So we have two paths: either to isolate them until they change their mind about their name or to assume that they are a group of people who want to join our community.

I believe it is in the interest of all peoples are united. It is no isolation of the people. What can be done is the cultural approach, opening Greek schools in Skopje and Skopje attracting students in Greece. If the cultural approach then we can unite them.

Once they believe they are descendants of Alexander the Great, after Alexander the Great is Greek, then if we want integration to Greece!

Why not make an alliance with those who want to reach Greece?

The same should be done with the part of Turkey. We have to approach the cultural authority to reduce the differences. We must fight for democracy and education in Turkey to come closer to our countries.

It is vital to open Greek school in Turkey and to accept
Turks as  students.

Only in this way we can coexist peacefully!
With this approach, not isolation!