All changes start from ideas!


I want to know the secrets of the world. I want to discover the world behind the human senses. I want to reveal all this using the tools available for understanding the world: mathematics, music, philosophy and poetry!
The most basic maxim

When you experience something and not draw conclusions from it is as if the never lived!

The choice

In the world there is cause and effect. But over and above these is the choice!

The greatest pleasures of life

Sleep, food, knowledge, love, laugh with friends, laughing with his / her partner, playing with young children, trips, gymnastics, dance to shop with your friends, swim, chat with grandparents, aunts - uncles, cousins, kin.

The finest goods and great pleasures in life are free!

Emotional maturity

Emotional maturity comes only with personal effort and self-criticism and introspection rather than age.

Matures, although any time. If you do not want, it never matures.

How we see ourselves

What we are shaped by our social environment.

Determined by others.

You're not rich unless there are poorer.

You are not successful if there are less successful.

If all good or all bad, then you can not distinguish them.

The idea we have of ourselves is influenced by the community. The shape our behavior based on our experiences and attitudes commonly accepted in society.

Based others determine our position in society!

The imagination is

The imagination is within each of us! Imagination is part of daily life.

The imagination is reality. Imagination is part of reality.

So the reality will always exceed the imagination, because imagination is part of reality and fantasy will never provide all the facts.

So, imagine what can happen in reality!

It is important to you happy now

Do not xeneroneis and not the profligate with the thought of "difficult tomorrow 'or the memory of" stupid past. " The correct word is now! Life to live now, nor yesterday, nor of course in an uncertain tomorrow!