All changes start from ideas!

How much democracy we have today?

Everyone today is talking about democracy. Requirement of the times is more democracy, both nationally and globally.

But on democracy affects wealth. Those who control the world economy, and want to have more influence and democracy.

Companies with the highest profits are: The construction and the arms trade and commerce invention farmakonI illicit production and trafficking narkotikonI export and marketing of oil and other energy sources

These companies try to influence democracy and eventually rule the world!

Direct democracy in our time there, at least in the ancient sense. In ancient Athens all were gathered in the church of the City and expressed their views. Then voted all Athenian citizens on these issues.

Of course, the ancient Greek democracy had problems and flaws. Basic allowance is a free and slave. Self had political rights and not slavery. This is something unacceptable! Never, under any circumstances to justify the existence of slaves.

We elect representatives. In selected because the agent is properly raised by the media (media, eg radio, newspapers, TV) and has been properly advertised. Because spoils expect benefits from it. Usually the person who you vote for a Member not know him personally.
So do not elect the best candidate, but the best candidate and it advertised that promises the greatest benefits. This involved large corporations and big money to support candidates they want. When later they elected the government will obey the demands of companies.