Manipulation is the worst danger...

Man is born free in nature. He lives in societies and tries to better his life with personal struggles.

Where known, but modern man's problems of society? The TV will tell someone. From the radio. From the internet. From the newspapers. Word of mouth.
Imagine controlling a man all sources of information. Could we do what it wants. It might make us consider these wants and striving to achieve a solution to the problems he raises.

At the end of our life would get meaning from the instructions and followed him blindly, once made us believe that is the most holy man.


This story just told you is not as hypothetical as you can imagine. It is far from hypothetical. It happened in the United States just a generation ago. There was a man who was alone priest and persuaded people to follow him to build a new and pure society.


But as it turned out that the priest was not so pure motives. I would say that the fascinated to know that it can control the fate of many. When the movement began to deteriorate, he decided to leave society and live together with the faithful of South America.


There he built a society in which he was captain. They controlled at all because these people are taking information about the outside world alone. They said that all of us people who lived outside of society, like the evil of.


When they decided for some people to leave because they can not stand the dictatorial conduct and tried to come into contact with the outside world, it was the worst. They informed and manipulated so well they made me feel desperate.


Ultimately led to the largest mass suicide of people today!


This story teaches us that when information is based on one man, then can the mass of people resort to extreme behavior?


That is why we must prevent the control of media by one or few people and should try to inform ourselves from many independent sources each.


And certainly is always a personal view and have a personal opinion!


And be wary of all those who appear as saviors.