All changes start from ideas!

The driving tips to improve driving home culture.

1. The car does not fit anywhere! Not cycling

2. More important than the mechanical handling of the car is to get the right mindset that will help you avoid danger and dangerous situations.

3. There are passing trucks to idle. There we step throttle in turns. Generally regulate the speed before we get a turn to the right to twist the car without feel centrifugal force tends to move from our seat.

4. The accelerator and brake in a car need only to regulate the driving of microseconds. In other words, give the brakes a few seconds in which skips from this the opposite way to complete the overtaking. Or to win the throttle a few seconds to try to overtake you without risk from the movement of the opposite cord.

5. The throttle and brakes have no effect on the total time will it take to get to your destination. It is an illusion! If you start with normal speed, the throttle and to press did not cover the difference if you start 30 minutes later! Or if caught in a traffic light and stop from 140 km / h will arrive later than to run at 100 km / h and not to praise the traffic light.

6. If you run like crazy, the difference in arrival time than normal for the road speed is more than 15 minutes! The risk, however, to submit yourself is too great!

7. If you find an empty street next to your stream, clean, dry, straight, you have visibility, it is day there is traffic, run as you want. To run, but only where it can. Security does not mean not ever run. Security is not running where there are risks and where you run.

8. Do not run into traffic, not to stick to the front car to leave comfortable distance and not run at idle.

9. At night to run as much as it can react to the way in which you see before you.

10. Each trip to complete the thinking calmly later. Remember the dangerous situations on stopping by for an incident, and the next time you try to change your driving behavior, not to find itself in such cases. Παράδειγμα: είσαι σε δρόμο διπλής κατεύθυνσης και προσπερνάς ενώ έρχεται αυτοκίνητο από το αντίθετο ρεύμα. Pass the three change course if the car ebb. But why draw the opposite to change course so as not to run over, why to spend and passes a short distance from other cars? Wait when there will be traffic from the opposite way.

11. The psychological pressure is the worst advisor. When driving should not hurry and pressed for any reason. I noticed that when I have cars behind me waiting to pass and get stuck behind me, then passes more risky than when I'm by myself. This should be changed and the car behind should not affect any driving my behavior.