All changes start from ideas!

The economy is the backbone of every human activity. Moreover, money makes the world go round!

The amount of money in a country depends on the amount of gold held by the turnover that has a country, the investments made by interest rates set by the production and exports.

When interest rates are high placed more money in banks, money leaves the circulation, reduced inflation because fthinainoun goods from lack of demand and money, but simultaneously increase unemployment because it made new investments.

When interest rates are low, leaving money in the bank because it pays more to be there and placed into investments that offer better returns. With this how to create jobs and reduce unemployment. But it channeled money into the market, the demand for goods, rising prices and inflation.

So all together is never happy!

The strong economy and strong currency returns with great value, but the goods are expensive in countries with small denominations. So they prefer to import goods from third countries with cheaper currency and reduced competitiveness of the strong economy.