All changes start from ideas!

The solution to the traffic problem in Thessaloniki is simpler than it appears.

The city is growing and becoming more and more people buy cars. The city is not extended. The new buildings are built in place of the old houses and one left over in the other!

The streets have the same width since separating small houses and detached houses. Not suitable for high volume vehicle traffic. Today these roads are separate buildings and yperparkarismenoi.

Solution 1: Thessaloniki can readily be corrected without charge, the development cycle. The entire St. Demetrios and Tsimiski must be cycle tracks. And Victory Avenue to the next stage. The center should be pedestrian and not passing cars.

Thessaloniki has sunshine 300 days a year. The roads are 10 snow days a year. Thessaloniki has many students and young workers and all those physically able to use the bike and contribute to the success of the measure. It is also healthy cycling because the trains because the rider and not diverted gases in the atmosphere.

Agios Dimitrios: The only one stream podilatodromos.Leoforos Army: one built with cement flow cycle lane only. Victory Ave: Pedestrian - cycle path. City: ban cars - pedestrianization of odon.Apomakrynsi parked on narrow streets and development cycle to them. Be separated by a wall of cars or pavements are divided into a section for pedestrians and one for podilata.Diaplatynsi roads where possible and establish new settlements in the city plan with very wide streets! To be constructed leoforeiodromos, cycling, parking on the street, and there are two lanes for car traffic.

Solution 2: The problem parking downtown would solve the parking up floating in the beach near the port of Thessaloniki. After parking the movement continued to cycling. So should be developed and parking of bicycles. The prices of parking should be required to achieve low so far.

Solution 3: The creation of the Metro does not solve the current problems of Thessaloniki, but can only be to cover problems that might arise later from the expansion of the city.

This draft provides for the needs of the future of Thessaloniki, where it has grown in size and as a banana will now cover the whole Thermaikos bay. It will join the Kalohori the west and the east Perea. It's useful work on long-term problems.

The immediate solution is one: Make bicycle roads!