A taste of the political system...

The policy depends on wealth.

Large multinational companies that have money can bundle to support and highlight governments.

The media influencing public opinion and shape the political climate, also controlled by wealthy businessmen. They support the politicians of their choice.

The football teams with great influence in the world is also controlled by wealthy businessmen.

Multinational companies rule the world and have money and power in their hands.

It arms companies, energy - oil, medicines and drugs. Those in power! Wars are for their sake and to protect their interests!

In this regard, the parties should take all the same rate, so that one can govern alone. Required to take into account the opinion of others. So it's harder for companies to monitor all parties in parliament at the same time!

Also, the law of the electoral system is proportional, ie to enter parliament in accordance with the rate you get in the elections. If you get 1% of the vote to have 1 / 100 * 300 = 3 members. Also if you get 0.5% of the vote to have 1 full time member and second member for 6 months (1.5 members).

The policy and democracy are two communicating vessels.