How can military service improve ?

What if they listen to his military service and military, if not go in, you can not feel what is happening.

You can feel what it means to live with 17 others in the same chamber. Do you have shared bathrooms with other 100! To determine other your project! There are superior and inferior. You are the lowest simply because you have to do to your office and you're not a professional soldier. The higher you are the higher spiritual level or humanity or achievements. It is superior simply because so defined!
The bad army

1) You can not express an opinion or your antimiliseis2) can not generally refuse to execute a entoli3) The "superior" you speak with an aggressive style and often derogatory

For example, instead of me saying "Please gentlemen gather rubbish" saying "this rubbish because it is here? We know that we need to clean? Do loufarete? Want to punish you? Lest such a spectacle and see it again! Half an hour will be reintroduced ... are you unshaven? ... "

Even if what you said above is not reasonable, you should say "fact". If the rebuttals can put you in the eye and looking to rise to punish.
The good of the army

1) In any case someone is liable and responsible. He punished immediately. If you leave earlier than your job you will be punished. If you break something in your job will pay. This is very good. In the rest of society is often the case that made mistakes or criminal acts and punished none and not attributable to any liability anywhere. But cultivating a climate of impunity and destroys our culture.

2) The military is a melting pot of every profession and every social class. You know people from all places, learn new of the whole society, are you new friends, get stimuli from each business area, you see the behavior of every social class. Thus opens new horizons of the mind awareness of things and becomes more broad understanding of society. The friendships in the army are very important for everything!
The remaining

The code address from the army and the anticipated emergence of neutral impact on personality. Once you learn to do them, behave like one and then one does not deal with you!

At the training center frustrating is that they are too many reports of attendance each day leading to break your nerves. Even the food is accompanied by the sergeants to be in place at the tables, as if the first time you eat in your life!

References are one breakfast, one for morning report, one for lunch, an afternoon of education, one for dinner one night before bedtime, and some even when we are in the field of education.

Another frustrating is the wait! Then wait! Expect the petition, waiting for dinner, waiting in the toilets, waiting on guard, waiting to exodouchous, expect during training ...

Generally expect anywhere, anytime! Not just wait. To make matters worse you and every soldier to tell you the stories and theories and I believe totally illogical. Is outside the scope of the exercises.

The only one who are avoiding the doctor. Not because the regret. Not because they have studied! The reason is because they need the surgery then - efimereio to examine and perform procedures. They leave it aside to work and be in the right place if health problem arise. Basically to cover their health responsibilities are.

So far the military goes well he has good friends. Because otherwise the army is very nerve racking.

In the army there are the words 'sorry' and 'thank you'. If you do something wrong you do not say 'sorry', just punished. If tycheis welfare should not say 'thank you' because it is not accepted. We still do not understand why not be!
The army is reasonable. Have their own logic. It works by rules in society, but has its own rules.

Gym soldier so many orders, that at the end to function and perform mechanical engineering without considering the content of the order. Are too many references, so the soldier always be alert and to function as a whole. Follows a "senior" and even stupid, just learn to obey.

The soldier did not ever hear "well done". You never seen a smile from the eyes of officers. Just not xetharrepsei and then not carry out the instructions. This is the constant fear of the officers. Unjust Fear! Even a 7 year child would manage to command a battalion! Just had the power and the power to impose reservations and give permits and withdrawals.

The soldier wakes up mornings to get used to and start the fighting in the morning.

The most difficult are two services: Guard and kitchens ... the kitchen due to physical stress, with positive sleep that night. The guard because the insomnia and unbearably cold and heavy in perspective. Worst night's figure is the 04:00 - 06:00 because the day begins by 03:30! Forbidden to sit in terms of fear not sleep. Prohibit cell phone, music for fear of abandoning their duties you.

Galleys and perspective have to live someone to understand how difficult it is! Seemingly heard easily.
But beneath the surface there is frustration and fatigue ...